A ccording to John Hall in Top of Mind: Use Content To Unleash Your Influence and Engage Those Who Matter To You, customers experience an average of 30 touchpoints throughout their mission to solve their problems, AKA their buyers journey. You need to touch base with them across 7 to 13 touchpoints or trustpoints to be effective and to stay top of mind. Each blog, video, or social media post that your buyer comes across acts as a touchpoint and will hopefully create a positive impression of your brand. All of this content is adding juice or tokens, increasing the level of trust.

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Credibility is the new currency

How to change your stars forever:

  1. Deliver real value to custies. Everyday. Outside of the product or service offered.
  2. Understand the real needs & pain points of custies & prospects
  3. If custies are having a significant problem, would they contact me first?
  4. Do my custies like & trust me?
You don't exist exclusively to make the product; you make the product as a manifest of your core purpose. - Sinek

Why create content?

Content helps you to nurture and educate leads, and overcome objections.

Steps to create content

  1. Listen
  2. Craft
  3. Repeat

How to distribute content

  1. Paid distribution
  2. Republish
  3. Comment on other blogs and link to your relevant content

Ways to share posts

  • internally by staff
  • externally by fans, clients, and influencers
  • quotes from post
  • headline of post
  • statistic from post

Characteristics of good content

  • helps others
  • provides value
  • helps you be top of mind
  • embraces transparency
  • is everywhere (geographically/chronologically-past, present, & future)
  • translate ideas, insight, experience, & knowledge into engaging content
They don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Content questions – Why – How – What

  1. Why am I writing this content?
  2. Why does my competition exist?
  3. Why do I do what I do?
  4. How can I make life better for customers?
  5. What do we know about X?
  6. What great articles & though leaders exist around X?
  7. What ideas do we have for overcoming X?


  • Right content, right time. Get the right people to think of you at the right time.
  • Set example that content is a priority.