You know what I love?

Vacations. Getting out of dodge to a beachy place with pineapples, poor cell service and expensive internet. Getting unplugged and disconnected. Is it the same for you?

You know what else I love?

Staycations. Sticking around dodge.

It’s always fun to act like a tourist in your own town. Or to Netflix and chill at home. For many reasons, people often choose to staycation. Maybe they’re trying to reduce their carbon footprint, saving up to buy a house, or due to hard times like job loss, and the weak dollar just makes travel expensive.

The problem with staycations is people don’t respect them.

Whether it is from the outside, like bosses and managers that think that just because you’re not on the beach, you want to work. They have no respect for your time, they might try call you in and text you requests. All it would take is one little request and you’re sucked into the email vortex that is work.

Or maybe if it’s from the inside and you’re just dying to know if something is on fire at work. Maybe I’ll just take a quick peek. Or you’re in town and maybe restless, so you’re tempted to stop by, you know, just to say hi. Maybe you don’t want to get behind.

Here’s what you can do to respect the staycation:

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do on a vacation

Airplane mode – I’m not even kidding on this one. If you were on the beach, you’d probably have your data turned off or your phone on airplane mode, so why not, even if you’re at home? Maybe even leave it in a little box, pretend it’s a safe vacay-style, so you’re not even tempted to think about it. For the most part, not at all is an option. Social obligations are out the window, as they are with normal vacations.

Prep properly – I’m all for planning. This includes getting a ton of tasty groceries and favourite snacks at the store so you don’t have to go out, if all you want to do is relax. Make your house feel like a hotel, pick up some fresh flowers, get some fancy coffee and pastries, splurge on some new sheets. You could potentially hire a maid!

Make a schedule of the activities you’re going to do, if you’re going to do things, and you should. I make sure to schedule in naps and days for sleeping in. You’re having this break from work for a reason, so make sure you make the best of it. You don’t want to spend your whole staycation thinking about what you should be doing.

The best part of having a plan is you have an excuse, or reason, to not do work, or to not check your phone. You’ll be less tempted.

Do the things: new things, honey-do-list or wish list things, all the things – Take this opportunity to step out of your daily routine, chores, and do something new. Find something original to do, experience something you haven’t before. Or you can do something you’ve been wanting to do FOR EVER but have been putting off for years. Maybe this is a passion project or a honey-do-list item. Am I the only one who gets satisfaction out of a deep clean of the oven? Or finally changing those light bulbs?

You can also take this time to have a date with yourself, spend time doing art and crafts, reading, going to the spa, exploring, all the things you’ve been wanting to do. I’ve been at the library every day for the last week!

Have things done for you – Get a professional cleaner to come in so you don’t have to do that stuff. Get someone to take care of the kids or walk the dog, chauffeur you around (even if it’s your kids or hubby) or do the laundry (and that includes folding it). You can get someone to cook for you, or just someone to go shopping for you, order takeout or delivery, or try out one of those new food box subscription services!?

You can also find people to help you out with household jobs like weeding the garden, cutting the lawn or shovelling the snow, depending on where you are and what season you’re in and what you consider work. There’s probably even someone out there that you could pay to Marie Kondo your closets or house, if that’s your thing!? You could potentially hire someone to plan your staycation for you…

Shift the story around staycations – Let’s call it what it is, annual leave and then don’t ask me what I’m doing whether staycation or vacation. Did you know that you can use annual leave for WHATEVER YOU WISH? That includes vacay, a break, daycation, holidays, trips, tours, excursions, getaways, staycation, vacation, nearcation.

Whatever you do, do something to create lasting memories, so you feel accomplished, in a way like you actually got away. So you have a better response for when people ask, how was your staycation? than…

All I did was chores.