An entrance to the underworld. Just a short drive from Valladolid (or a longer drive from Cancún) you will find Suytun Cenote. An invigorating experience in an amazing underground cavern. Suytun cenote is a natural pit in the limestone filled with groundwater. This is just one of 6000 in the Yucatan alone!

The location

It is located just outside Valladolid. A great place to have a quick and refreshing swim after touring the ruins. We hit up it up on our way back from Chichen Itza a few years ago. The gravel driveway is lined with carefully placed white rocks. Local flowers, all shades of red and purple, adorn the area while chickens and peacocks roam freely. They’ve built a wall around the opening of the cenote, so silly tourists don’t fall in.

Next time, we’d like to check out a few more lush and green cenotes on our own free time, so we don’t have to worry about missing our ride back!

The experience

The tour guide had told us on the bus that swimming in a cenote adds 5 years to your life. It sounded A LOT better at the time when we probably suffering from heat stroke. Let’s just say you’ll want to take a hat (and little spray bottle filled with water–trust me, do it!–our tour guide even wanted a spritz) with you to Chichen Itza.

On arrival to Suytun cenote, you’ll pass the opening of the cenote on the way to the little change rooms. From there, you go down the steep stairs into the cave. Surrounded by stalactites, see the sun peeking through the small opening in the ceiling. There’s a stone peninsula protruding into the centre, used for ceremonies and shows. Looked like you just missed one. After strategically stashing your belongings on a rock, tip toe in. Take a quick plunge. Swim with the fish.

Here’s a link to it’s location on Google Maps (inside the cenote) as well as a Google Image search for your viewing pleasure.


Have you swam in any cenotes in the Yucatan?

What is your favourite cenote for us to try next time we’re in the Snake’s Nest? Please leave a comment below or connect with us on social!




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