I recently had the best iced coffee of my life. If you know me, you know I don’t throw best around. But THIS coffee was just seriously the best.

Last week on our way to brother Evans, we stopped for a quick bite at Spring Roll. Some other customer was having this drink that looked tasty, so I had to find out what it was. Turns out it was the best iced coffee ever #sorrystarbucks

Until I get my hands on a real drip coffee set up, I had to figure out how to make the best iced coffee at home. (I know what you’re thinking, jeez Kailey, can’t you just go to the store or even order one online? You see, I could…but it is more fun this way and, honestly, the novelty of the soup can hasn’t worn off yet.)

P.S. There is no actual campfire involved in the making of this iced coffee. (It really just feels a little less rubby when you pretend that you’re camping, as opposed to just really making coffee using a soup can! Haha)



  • 2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
  • 3-4 tbsp coffee grounds
  • 8 tbsp / 1/2 cup water (approx)


1. Open a can of beans. Throw beans away (or save them for later).

2. Wash can.

3. Punch hole in bottom of can. Be sure to do it the awkward way and go from the inside out. That is, put the screwdriver (or other appropriate hole making tool) inside the can. This way, the rough metal edges will be outside of the dripper, as opposed to the rough metal edges being on the inside of the can (wreaking havoc on the coffee filter). Please take my advice from experience, as the version 1 beta dripper had its release hole punctured from the outside in (leaving the rough metal edges inside the can to touch the filter).

4. Place coffee filter in can.

5. Scoop in 3-4 tbsp of coffee.

6. Place 2 tbsp sweetened condensed milk in your favourite coffee cup. If you can find one that your can sits perfectly on top of, that would be ideal as it makes this process so much easier. Again, this advice is only due to experience as version 1 beta dripper was used on a disproportionate sized cup.

7. Place can with coffee on top of coffee cup. If this is not possible, hold the can carefully with oven mitts as it may get hot when you’re pouring the water in.

8. Slowly pour in recently boiled water allowing the beans to soak up and then release all their goodness into the condensed milk below. (The water should not be super duper hot…there is probably a specific temperature for this but I’m not that scientific about it just yet. So forgive me, or kindly enlighten me in the comments below)

9. After you get about twice as much coffee in the cup compared to condensed milk, give it a stir. The coffee should be a dark brown almost chocolate colour (and flavour… I swear. It’s probably from the condensed milk.)

10. Now is the fun part! If the coffee is a bit cooled (as it usually is by the time I get to it, you can put it in a cute tumbler for drinking.) If it’s not cool yet, add some ice directly in the coffee cup to cool it down a bit before you change drinking devices. Time to add ice. I happened to have a ton of already iced coffee cubes in the freezer so I get a double dose of java when I add the ice. But you can just use normal ice as well. (But you could consider to start saving and directly freezing your leftover coffee. I’m just saying.)


What is your favourite way to make iced coffee?

I’d love to hear what your secrets are to making the best iced coffee at home. Leave a comment below or connect with us on social.




xo From our bellies to yours!




This little restaurant is our go-to joint for Vietnamese Noodle Bowls (and now, iced coffee!).

Spring Roll Restaurant, 516 33rd Street West, Saskatoon, SK S7L 0V8, Canada; 1 306 933 2889