10K likes or 10 sales? More isn’t always better, it’s misleading at the least.

They say all it takes is 1,000 true fans. Deep connections cultivated with raving brand fans and loyalists. It’s time consuming though. To open up to people. To create a real ties. Often it’s easier to just get in and out, the ole pump and dump. Cause it’s easier to celebrate short term profits than plan for long term gains.

These days, word travels fast. Fast as autumn days towards winter.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin, providing bad customer experiences…

Providing a quality experience, a human experience takes time. These experiences are sure to be more meaningful and satisfying.


Do you want to go wide or do you want to go deep? - Gary Vee,

Quality and depth in relationships boosts reputation. People are happy to spread kind words about you. Think long term gains.

Sure, more customers likely means more money. But have you thought about how much more money happy and loyal customers could make you? Rich. Filthy rich.

I’m all about depth and deep dives.

Since they had a great experience with you, those true fans will refer more potential true fans your way. Build a deep connection with a community.

What do you focus on? Quantity or quality? Or maybe quantity then quality? Width or depth? Or maybe width then depth?