Sometimes you just gotta get things done. I have been waiting for a moment for things to slow down, but it appears at this pace I may be waiting for forever. Let me get you all caught up.

I’ve always had dreams and wanted to do stuff. I am great at starting things. Bad at finishing them. I didn’t want this to be another one of those things I didn’t finish. So no more excuses. What is the best way to get things done?

To just do them.


Currently finding peace in chaos.

Sometimes when you have a lot of things on your plate, it is best to add another!

After finally fully recovering from some stitches on my pinky knuckle. (Be careful sticking your whole hand in glasses when washing dishes!!!) There has been a lot of incubation and research going down at HQ. Books been read. Plans have been drafted. Big things are coming!

Ball tournaments have been planned. The 4th Annual Dustin Boulet Memorial Slo Pitch Tournament will be held on June 17 & 18th at William A. Reid Park. With our friends and the community’s continued and generous support, to date the Dustin Boulet Memorial Foundation has donated over $33,000 to KidSport Saskatoon. If you’d like to join us this year, as a team, volunteer or sponsor, please email

Vacations are being planned. Please share with me your favourite beaches and eats!


one day or day one
nothing changes if nothing changes


There are probably tons of more inspirational and fluffy ways people can tell you to help you get stuff done. I need that too sometimes. But sometimes all you need is to really just do it.

What are your favourite tips to getting things done?