Thank you. Libraries. How can I help you? Honesty. Smile. Talk to strangers. Volunteer. Coupons. Hold doors open.

These are all free things that can move mountains and lead to more opportunities. Maybe not immediately, and maybe indirectly. But it sure can’t hurt!

I don't like free stuff - said no one ever

For me it’s all about being kind and generous giving, and being thankful for everything–especially the free things! They say what goes around, comes around… so load yours up with the best!

I used to work with in store promotional advertising and it was one of my favourite jobs. Everyone was so receptive and excited to get free stuff and samples. It was entertaining and informative to talk to passerbys. You know what else is free? Content curation! So much value, so little effort!

What are your favourite inexpensive things that produce immense value?