Last weekend, I finished set up my snazzy office last weekend to inspire me to do something, and I surely am doing something. But just not in my pretty office. I am sprawled out on the sofa, watching Gusto with a 2L of grape soda.

Whatever floats your boat!

It’s just over 5 hours later and WE ARE LIVE. (Who am I kidding? It will be at least 6 hours before I hit save!)

Regardless… here’s a Bruce Buffer meme to celebrate.


I figure it’s not too bad for a jumping off point, as it is only my third attempt at setting up a website. The first two times, I’ll admit, I gave up before I even started. But I just figured I could do it this time around, and I did.

But now I am going to go and do some brainstorming on my next moves….

Thanks for stopping by and checking things out. Hope to see you again soon!